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VMware ThinApp Enterprise + Portable
7:42 PM

VMware ThinApp Enterprise + Portable | 50 Mb + 28 MB

VMWare ThinApp - a package that is a competitor of Microsoft and Citrix, designed for virtualization applications. Simply put, with the help of this tool you can from traditional applications to easily make a portable (portable) version. The approach allows the "packaging" the application in a container that contains all the necessary information to work on any computer without installing the required applications. However, importantly, the virtualized software in any way affect or modify the current state of the operating system. The very same idea is to prevent software conflicts that can disrupt the system and installed it on. The usefulness is obvious: developers, for example, can conduct tests of new products without the risk of undermining the stability of the system environment. The approach will reduce the cost of deploying applications to end users' computers. ThinApp allows you to run multiple versions of the same program. Thus, the simultaneous use of Internet Explorer 6 and 7 should be useful in the process of testing sites.

In most cases ThinApp effectively implements its key task of virtualization through the mechanism of packaging applications and distribution systems, allowing application virtualization made available to end users over a network or using flash cards. This program is very well distributes applications, so no longer need to conduct extensive regression tests to check conflicts with other applications (or previous versions of this product). Along with competing products (eg, beta Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 and Altiris Software Virtualization Solution) Program VMware ThinApp significantly different from the traditional tools for packaging applications because it can download the application package in a special section created in the system end user, so the application will be carried out without crossing with other software, which could now be installed...


VMware ThinApp Enterprise

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VMware ThinApp Enterprise Portable

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