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Data Recovery Software - GetDataBack is a highly advanced data recovery software, which will help you to get your data back when your drive's partition table, boot record, Master File Table or root directory is corrupt or lost, when a virus has hit the drive, files were deleted, the drive was formatted or struck by a power failure. GetDataBack comes in two flavours, NTFS and FAT depending on what file system you have.

GetDataBack will recover your data if the hard drive's partition table, boot record, FAT/MFT or root directory are lost or damaged, data was lost due to a virus attack, the drive was formatted, fdisk has been run, a power failure has caused a system crash, files were lost due to a software failure, files were accidentally deleted...
GetDataBack can even recover your data when the drive is no longer recognized by Windows. It can likewise be ... More »

Catrgory: Portable Utilities | Views: 1361 | Date: 2009-05-23 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

MediaMonkey is a music manager and media jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3 audio files. It looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and includes an intelligent tag editor and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library. It includes a CD ripper, CD/DVD Burner, and audio converter for saving music, and manual or automated playlist editors for creating music mixes. Its player automatically adjusts volume levels so that you don't have continually fiddle with the volume control and supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins and visualizations; or if you prefer, it can use Winamp as the default player.It also includes portable audio device synchronization that allows you to synch tracks and play lists with devices such as the iPod and other portable ... More »

Catrgory: Portable Multimedia | Views: 882 | Date: 2009-05-23 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

When Samantha’s new benefactor asks her to track down Alexander the Great’s Scroll of Wealth, the opportunity seems too be good to be true - searching for the scroll while collecting amazing finds for the Museum of Secrets Lost! Little does she know that a secret brotherhood is watching her every move and that she’ll have to do a lot more digging to find the true treasure.
Travel to exotic locations as you help archaeologist and adventurer Samantha Swift uncover the ancient secrets and mystery shrouding the famed Golden Touch!

Game features:
Engrossing mystery story sets the stage for this Casual Adventure
Solve puzzles, collect artifacts and piece together clues to uncover the secrets of the Golden Touch
All-new levels,backgrounds and puzzles to explore
Locate tools in each scene to help you along your way
Uncover ... More »

Catrgory: Portable Games | Views: 1083 | Date: 2009-05-23 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

Hannah Harlow is looking for the next designing superstar to feature on her TV show - this could be your big break! Not only do you have a great eye, but you also have an uncanny knack for turning yard sale trash into eye-catching treasures. You've got to get some designs together to impress Hannah, but a cranky tycoon's plan to shut down local yard sales for good could ruin your dreams in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction..

So begins Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction, a wonderfully goofy hidden object game sure to put a grin on your face. You start off just trying to get some great examples of your design prowess to show off to Hannah, but soon you'll be putting on your gumshoes to investigate the secret that's driving Ebenezer Von Snobb's perpetual bad mood. Both goals will require you to prowl the local yard sales, assembling what to the ... More »

Catrgory: Portable Other | Views: 1187 | Date: 2009-05-23 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

The Tales of Bingwood is a 2D point & click adventure game with some distinct retro qualities proven to entice the traditional adventure game fans. "Bingwood" features an original story, two dozen fully voiced characters as well as cartloads of fun and challenging puzzles.
Chapter I: In this first installment of the series, Tom the fisherman's son is thrown in the middle of a nefarious scheme as the Royal Princess is kidnapped by the formidable Evil Wizard and his henchman. Tom takes on the rescue effort but he needs the help of the villagers to begin the pursuit of the malefactors to Shady Forest and beyond. The quest begins...

Game features:
Fresh entertaining story and intriguing puzzles
Hand pixeled graphics and animations
28 explorable locations
25 fully voiced characters
25 minutes of original musical score
... More »

Catrgory: Portable Games | Views: 1070 | Date: 2009-05-23 | Rating: 0.0/0 | Comments (0)

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