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Symantec Norton Ghost 15.0.3 (Portable)
10:03 PM

Symantec Norton Ghost 15.0.3 Portable | 86 MB

Professional Grade Backup and Recovery! Norton Ghost creates full system and file backups, restores from system failures, enables convenient, secure offsite backup, backs up on schedules and events. Norton Ghost protects PCs-including all applications, settings, folders, and files-with advanced backup and recovery. It provides powerful protection with new features such as offsite backups and Symantec ThreatCon integration, as well as enhanced performance, one-to-one remote management, LightsOut Restore capability, and more.With Norton Ghost you have a choice of backup types: full system (disk image) or specific files and folders. Backups include encryption and error checking to help keep your data safe, while compression, incremental backups, and automatic backup file management minimize storage space. Plus, you can now copy recovery points to a FTP site for easier offsite backup management.Norton Ghost is ready whenever you need to recover, whether that involves restoring individual files or an entire system. The Software Recovery Disk allows you to start your computer, scan for viruses or hard disk errors, and start the recovery process even if your operating system won't start.

Key Technologies:

* NEW! Cold imaging
* NEW! Blu-ray Disc support
* File and folder backups
* NEW! Windows 7 Bitlocker support
* NEW! Symantec ThreatCon integration
* Advanced compression and encryption
* NEW! Cold imaging
* NEW! Blu-ray Disc support
* File and folder backups
* NEW! Windows 7 Bitlocker support
* NEW! Symantec ThreatCon integration
* Advanced compression and encryption
* Incremental backup
* Event based backups
* Onsite and offsite backups
* Full system (disk image) backup and restore

Key Benefits:

* Creates full system and file backups - Safeguards your system, settings, applications, and files with flexible, comprehensive backup protection.
* Restores from system failuress - Recovers your system and data even when you cant restart your computer.
* Enables convenient, secure offsite backups - Saves recovery points to an FTP site for easier offsite management and even backs up your data to network-attached storage devices.
* Backs up on schedules and eventss - Lets you decide what is backed up and when so you can customize backups based on how you use your computer.


* NEW! Cold Imaging lets you back up files without installing Ghost.
* NEW! Blu-ray Disc allows you to back up large amounts of data to high-capacity Blu-ray Disc - up to 25 GB per disc (50 GB dual-layer).
* NEW! Windows 7 support including support for Bitlocker provides enhanced data protection through drive encryption and integrity checking.
* NEW! Symantec ThreatCon integration leverages intelligence from Symantec's industry-leading security research organization to automatically backup files whenever ThreatCon reaches a specified threat level.
* Full system (disk image) backup lets you easily backup everything on a hard drive or partition.
* File and folder backup lets you back up only the files and folders you choose, rather than backing up and entire disk.
* File backup search finds and backs up only the types of files you choose, such as photos, MP3 files, and documents.
* Incremental backup copies only files that have changed for fewer, faster backups.
* Customizable, event-based backup triggers backups based on key events, such as when you install a new program or when there are sudden increases in data storage.
* Offsite backup copies recovery points to a FTP site for easier offsite backup management.
* NAS backup gives you the option of backing up your files to network-attached storage devices.
* Advanced compression automatically compresses files so you can store more files in less space.
* Advanced encryption helps keep your sensitive documents safe from prying eyes.
* System protection lets you easily restore your system, applications and files even when you cant restart the operating system.
* Google Desktop integration makes data recovery even faster with searchable backup indexes.
* LightsOut Restore lets you quickly restore your system without needing a bootable CD.
* Remote management lets you remotely control other Norton Ghost installations (12.0 and higher) on your local area network.
* Scheduled P2V allows you to automatically create a virtual disk from your most recent backup.
* Version support lets you restore older disk images made with Ghost 10, 12 and 14.
* Multiple storage options let you back up to almost any media, including Blu-ray Disc, CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW drives, USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) devices, network drives, and Iomega Zip and Jaz drives.

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