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Main page » 2011 » October » 24 » Sony Vegas Pro 11 build 370/371 + Portable

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Sony Vegas Pro 11 build 370/371 + Portable
9:53 PM

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Build 370/371 + Portable | 203 MB + 209 MB + 190 MB

Sony Vegas - Professional program for multitrack recording, editing and assembling video and audio streams. Tools contained in Vegas Pro, allow editing and processing in real-time formats, DV, AVCHD, HDV, SD / HD-SDI and XDCAM , a precise adjustment of audio, the creation of surround sound and dual-layer DVD. You can burn Blu-ray discs directly from timeline to preserve records in high quality. Creating a standard DVD with a sophisticated video, subtitles, multilingual menu and add comments there is no trouble.

The new system of nonlinear editing Vegas Pro 11 offers a significant increase in processing speed video sequence due to the technology OpenCL to access the resources of GPUs - the developers have made serious optimization for hardware acceleration using the GPU. Package Vegas Pro 11 is the first commercial non-linear editing system for Windows-based technology, OpenCL, where this is an open standard widely used in basic operations with video, as well as visual effects and rendering of the finished image.

Support for Nvidia 3D Vision technology helps to eliminate the three-dimensional image on a single display systems, including machines for Sony VAIO F Series and L Series. The new version of Vegas Pro offers an improved algorithm for image stabilization in video recordings, and additional software tools to create titles with the animation.

Hardware acceleration features of Vegas Pro 11 on the basis of technology has been successfully working on OpenCL GPU both major producers - AMD and Nvidia. Besides the basic functions for video processing, hardware-accelerated support for visual effects, transitions, compositing, panning and cropping frames, tracking of moving objects in the picture and video coding for replication. Hardware acceleration helps to significantly reduce the time for processing video and getting ready results.

Function Sync Link, which has become the successor to the previous technology Event Grouping (group event), helps to organize and synchronize events on the timeline. The secondary audio track and additional video clips can be installed independently of each other, while maintaining synchronization with the main video.

Tools for working with two-and three-dimensional text helps to create dynamic titles with amazing special effects. The new module Titler Pro from the company NewBlueFX allows you to quickly add three-dimensional titles. The user can control the text up to each individual character in all three axes: X, Y and Z. Go to text frames to easily apply a stylized two-dimensional motion - it uses the function Titles and Text ("Captions and text") or improved module ProType to work with subtitles.

Advanced image stabilization allows you to eliminate the effect of shaking hands when shooting with a compact camera without a tripod. In addition, the suppression effect of the incident provided by curtains, typical of many cameras with CMOS-matrix. Image stabilization is implemented in a separate OpenFX-module, which makes the operation more flexible and efficient.

With support for Nvidia 3D Vision technology, users can perform stereoscopic video installation on computers with a single 3D-display. Mechanism to filter templates renderer helps you quickly find and select the necessary templates, accelerating the receipt of the finished image in the desired output format.

What's new in version 11:

GPU-accelerated video processing.

GPU-accelerated AVC rendering requires a CUDA-enabled GPU and NVIDIA driver 185.xx or later with a GeForce GT 2xx Series or newer GPU.

OpenCL GPU-accelerated rendering requires an OpenCL-enabled ATI GPU and AMD Radeon Catalyst driver 11.2 or later with an ATI Radeon HD 57xx or newer GPU. If using an ATI FirePro GPU, FirePro unified driver 8.773 or later is required.
For the latest information about supported hardware, please see our Web site.
New Titles & Text plug-in.
Improved usability for the ProType Titler.
Added a new Star Wipe transition.
Added a new Radial Pixelate video plug-in.
Added per-parameter keyframes for many video plug-ins
The Transitions, Video FX, Media Generators, and (new) Compositors windows all include folders to group plug-ins and a search box to help you find plug-ins easily.
The Stabilize plug-in has been simplified and improved.
The Stereoscopic 3D Adjust plug-in now includes Floating Windows controls to allow you to mask the edge of the video frame to compensate for screen-edge violations.
Added a Stereoscopic 3D depth control to the Cookie Cutter, Cross Effect, and Iris transitions.
Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision on single-display systems using the Windows Graphics Card device (available in Preferences> Preview Device).
Event Pan / Crop is now integrated into the Video Event FX dialog.

You can now route audio through AJA and DeckLink video preview devices.
Improved usability for the Mixing Console.
A simplified Master Bus window provides you with a streamlined view of your project's master output.

Sync links provide an additional method of keeping events synchronized: a linked event retains synchronization when the event it is linked to is moved but can be moved independently.
An updated Render As dialog streamlines the rendering process and makes it easy to manage your favorite render templates.
Integrated Upload to YouTube.

MainConcept AVC / AAC improvements:
Added MP4 templates for Internet distribution.
Added an Enable progressive download check box to the Video tab of the Custom Settings dialog to allow your videos to begin playing during playback.
Added support for GPU-accelerated rendering.
You can now edit during capture from Sony XDS decks


Sony Vegas Pro 11 build 370

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Sony Vegas Pro 11 build 371

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Sony Vegas Pro 11 build 370 Portable

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