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Rohos Mini Drive 1.8 + Portable
8:16 PM

Rohos Mini Drive 1.8 + Portable | 9.52 mb

Rohos Mini Drive enables you to create a secure, virtual partition on any USB drive, allowing you to have a portion of your drive password protected. You can define a custom size for the partition and use it to securely store sensitive documents, while leaving the rest of the drive for non-sensitive files. Once unlocked you can access and use the secure volume just like any other drive and manage your files with Windows Explorer. When the drive is disconnected, the secure partition is hidden in a password protected executable and remains inaccessible until it is unlocked by you. The secure volume can be unlocked from any computer it does not require Administrative Privileges or Rohos Mini Drive to be installed. Rohos Mini Drive can create partitions up to 2 gigabyte in size, if you require larger volumes, a full version is available for purchase.


* Creates a virtual encrypted partition (disk) within a USB flash drive free space
* Automatically detects your USB drive configuration and creates encrypted partition
* Portable application allows to work with encrypted partition on a guest computer without Admin rights . You can start it right from USB drive.
* Encrypted partition is protected by password
* Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly
* Encryption algorithm: AES 256 bit key length. Using NIST compliant encryption standards.
* Virtual Keyboard - to protect your encrypted disk password from a keylogger
* Autorun Folder. The shortcuts that will automatically start/open up upon disk connection
* File Virtualization - open files on PC with no Admin rights via Rohos Disk Browser in associated application without first decrypting them into temporary folder.
* The limit of encrypted partition size is 2 GB. Rohos Mini vs. Rohos Disk
Rohos Mini Drive program does not create real partition on the USB flash drive. Thus when you insert your USB drive into USB port only one drive letter will appear in Windows. Second drive (the secured one) will appear only after you active it by entering a password.

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