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Main page » 2010 » September » 25 » Photodex ProShow Gold 4.5.2929 + Stylepacks + Portable

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Photodex ProShow Gold 4.5.2929 + Stylepacks + Portable
1:43 PM

Photodex ProShow Gold 4.5.2929 + Stylepacks + Portable

Photodex ProShow Gold 4.5.2929 + Stylepacks + Portable | 28 MB + 33 MB

ProShow Gold makes it easy to create a slide show with your photos, videos and music in a few simple steps. Just drag and drop your content into a show, edit photos, add effects, set the timing and youre done! You can easily create a unique and personalized photo slide show for any occasion whether its a birthday, anniversary, graduation, holiday, wedding or just showing-off vacation photos. Drag and drop your photos, videos and music into ProShow Golds easy-to-use interface. There you can add borders to photos, crop and edit video and audio clips, use built-in editing tools like red-eye removal and more.

Create spectacular effects by adding a pan, zoom or rotate to any photo in your show. Choose from over 280 transition styles including dissolves, fades, wipes, and shapes. Add custom captions and backgrounds to any photo. ProShow Gold will output your slide show to over 40 formats including DVD, Blu-ray, CD, the Web and dozens of devices like the iPod, iPhone and Blackberry. You can even upload your slide shows directly to YouTube.


- Add an unlimited number of layers to any slide
- Drag and drop to easily add content to a show
- Supports 100+ file types
- Transparency support for PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF files
- Turn any layer into a fully-customized mask to conceal or reveal aspects of underlying layers
- Add a gradient or solid color as a slide layer to a layer to get incredible results
- Spice up a presentation using interactive slide actions to launch PDFs, spreadsheets, webpages and more
- Set transition effects for individual layers
- Optimize your workflow using built-in image correction tools like sharpen, colorize, saturate and more
- Create enhanced borders for your photos and videos with ProShow Producer's all-new vignette effect
- Create Hollywood-style greenscreen effects with the all-new Chroma Key Transparency tool
- Specify opacity for any layer on a slide
- Add depth to your composition by adjusting the color and opacity of a shadow on any layer in a slide
- Crop and rotate your photos and videos with precision
- Use the red-eye removal tool to correct any photo in your show in seconds
- Use adjustment effects to produce spectacular effects. Make a video move through color shifts or create a sequence of photo fades
- Add multiple keyframes to each adjustment effect
- Add motion like pan, zoom and rotate to any layer on a slide for a cinematic effect
- Zoom X and Y coordinates for a layer individually and zoom out further than ever before
- Create complex motion paths by setting multiple keyframe points on the keyframe timeline
- The fully-customizable slide preview grid allows you to accurately position your photos and videos on a slide
- Control the font, size and color of captions in your slides
- Use caption keyframing to create multiple caption motion effects on a single slide
- Animate your captions with more amazing effects to choose from than ever before
- Add interactive captions to launch actions like Pause, Resume, Next Slide, Previous Slide, Write Email and many more
- Gain greater design control over captions with ProShow Producer's new caption styles, caption line spacing and caption character features
- Enhance slide shows by dropping in any MP3 or WAV audio file
- Save an audio track directly from a CD and drop it right into your slide show
- Crop your audio and set fades using the built-in Audio Trimmer
- Built-in soundtrack waveform in slide list
- Add interest to your slide shows with solid colors, gradients, or videos as backgrounds
- Use the new, built-in backgrounds to spruce-up your slide shows
- Control the adjustment levels of your background content
- And many many more...

ProShow Gold & Producer Styles:
- Parallel Tracks- Parallel tracks of images panning in opposing directions.
- Picture Line- A sequence of 5-10 photo prints appear from left to right, hanging on a clothes line.
- Advancing- Images advance continuously towards the screen from the edge of an imaginary horizon line.
- Zoom Out Wall- Focus shifts from a single central image to a wall of tiled images using a zoom-out motion effect.
- Collage Scatter- A random assortment of images scatters to reveal an image advancing from the center of the scene.
- Art Gallery- An image is displayed in a classic art gallery picture frame display.
- Bulletin Board- One large image and two smaller images are pinned casually to a bulletin board display. A scrap of notebook paper serves as a space for captions.
- Painterly Wash- An image is displayed in a transitional style frame featuring a painterly ink wash with aged and textural details.
- Photo Corners- An image is displayed on antiqued paper with traditional photo corners holding it in place.
- Reel Viewer- An image is displayed through the perspective of a toy film reel viewer.
- Retro Toy Camera- A simulation of the popular retro toy camera look from the 1960s, featuring a deep vignette and hyper-saturation.
- Infrared Camera- A simulation of the edgy infrared camera look, featuring high contrast, extreme white and black point adjustments, in grayscale.
- Reflection Neutral- An image with a soft reflection beneath it, displayed on a neutral gradient background.
- Speech Bubbles- Features a talk bubble, thought bubble and exclamation bubble commonly found in comic book layouts.
- Titleplates- Features editable captions arranged on your choice of an oval or rectangular titleplate background.

Photodex ProShow Gold 4.5.2929

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Photodex ProShow Gold 4.5.2929 Portable

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Photodex ProShow Gold Stylepacks

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