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Main page » 2010 » October » 17 » Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition 9.0.21022.8 RTM (Portable)

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Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition 9.0.21022.8 RTM (Portable)
8:47 PM

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition 9.0.21022.8 RTM Portable | 135 Mb

Microsoft released the Visual Basic Upgrade Express to create applications. Visual Basic 2008 Express arrives in order to make it easier for beginners in the programming world. With it, you can create applications for Windows, finding a series of powerful tools for development projects.

Visual Basic is a programming language that offers a fully integrated development environment graphics, thus making the creation of application interfaces simpler. The VB language, as is known, is part of the Microsoft Visual Studio.

Visual Basic 2008 Express provides support for creating applications using the. NET Framework 3.5. the program does the checking, highlighting and auto-correction of syntax, suggesting and applying corrections in more than 200 common programming errors.

One can create applications with databases through SQL Server 2005 Express as well as add pictures and sounds to projects with great ease. Visual Basic 2008 Express includes tools to control Web browsers, thus enabling the development of applications for the Internet.

The information architecture of the software was designed to make the programming task more agile. The tools are arranged by icons and sub-menus, ensuring fewer clicks to the location of an option, reducing the time and making the process more dynamic development.

All designs are available in tabs, making application development faster. The right of each menu option displays the properties of functions in a complete, being able to edit and configure these options. The new Split function allows developers to view functions "Design" and "Source" in parallel, making maintenance simpler page (a feature similar to that found in Adobe Photoshop CS3). With this, clicking on any field you can view the tags used in positioning and web projects.

The viewing of the projects may still occur by the format "Code", featuring programming code, "Designer," which shows all the elements of full designer to move them as you see fit and can still view the program in full screen. You will also notice tabs managing CSS, and can make the configuration of CSS while you design the page by dragging components. Likewise, while browsing, you can also check the tags in use in HTML or ASP.. NET

By using the "Project" can be added to windows (such as boxes "About" and dialogue, local databases, text files and others), pages, users control the projects. The tools allow connections to the database administrator and still have a code for VB and XML.

To change the language to Portuguese click "Tools" - "Options" - "International Settings" - "Language" and choose Portuguese. Restart the application to take effect.

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