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LibreOffice 3.4.2 Final + Portable
5:05 PM

LibreOffice 3.4.2 Final + Portable | 190 MB + 372 MB

LibreOffice brings some very interesting new features such as bundled extensions (which provide PDF import, a slide-sow presenter console and more), import and work with SVG files, an easy way to format title pages and their numbering in Writer, a more-helpful Navigator Tool for Writer, improved ergonomics in Calc for sheet and cell management and Microsoft Works and Lotus Word Pro document import filters.

What does LibreOffice give you?

Writer is the word processor inside LibreOffice. Use it for everything, from dashing off a quick letter to producing an entire book with tables of contents, embedded illustrations, bibliographies and diagrams. The while-you-type auto-completion, auto-formatting and automatic spelling checking make difficult tasks easy (but are easy to disable if you prefer). Writer is powerful enough to tackle desktop publishing tasks such as creating multi-column newsletters and brochures. The only limit is your imagination.

Calc tames your numbers and helps with difficult decisions when you're weighing the alternatives. Analyze your data with Calc and then use it to present your final output. Charts and analysis tools help bring transparency to your conclusions. A fully-integrated help system makes easier work of entering complex formulas. Add data from external databases such as SQL or Oracle, then sort and filter them to produce statistical analyses. Use the graphing functions to display large number of 2D and 3D graphics from 13 categories, including line, area, bar, pie, X-Y, and net - with the dozens of variations available, you're sure to find one that suits your project.

Impress is the fastest and easiest way to create effective multimedia presentations. Stunning animation and sensational special effects help you convince your audience. Create presentations that look even more professional than the standard presentations you commonly see at work. Get your collegues' and bosses' attention by creating something a little bit different.

Draw lets you build diagrams and sketches from scratch. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not try something simple with box and line diagrams? Or else go further and easily build dynamic 3D illustrations and special effects. It's as simple or as powerful as you want it to be.

Base is the database front-end of the LibreOffice suite. With Base, you can seamlessly integrate into your existing database structures. Based on imported and linked tables and queries from MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft Access and many other data sources, you can build powerful databases containing forms, reports, views and queries. Full integration is possible with the in-built HSQL database.

Math is a simple equation editor that lets you lay-out and display your mathematical, chemical, electrical or scientific equations quickly in standard written notation. Even the most-complex calculations can be understandable when displayed correctly. E=mc2.

LibreOffice also comes configured with a PDF file creator, meaning you can distribute documents that you're sure can be opened and read by users of almost any computing device or operating system.

New Features:
* Load and Save ODF documents in flat XML to make external XSLT processing easier
* Make license information accessible via the Help menu
* Made on-line Help available on-line, via the WikiHelp
* Added "Experimental" mode, to allow users to test out as-yet-unfinished features
* Added the LibreColors to the palette
* Implement import of alpha channel for RGBA .tiffs
* Show all appropiate formats by default on "Save As"
* Use radio buttons widgets to clarify complex menu option intentions
* Add option to enable saving of documents with non-visible changes
* Fix synthetic small caps resizing factor to improve look and interoperability

Writer Features and Fixes:
* New easy-to-use dialog box for creating and managing title pages
* Lotus Word Pro import filter
* Vastly improved RTF export fixing many critical data-loss bugs
* AutoCorrections match case of the words that AutoCorrect replaces
* Ability to turn off number recognition in Writer
* Import of MS Works documents
* Navigator lets


LibreOffice 3.4.2 Final

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LibreOffice 3.4.2 Final Portable

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