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Main page » 2011 » March » 18 » FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.9.7 Build 522 + Portable

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FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.9.7 Build 522 + Portable
2:23 PM

FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.9.7 Build 522 + Portable | 9 MB + 3 MB

FantasyDVD is a exquisite and powerful software DVD player. Have with the same features and controls of the living- room DVD player and support over 70 type video and audio media files. Support the ts, tp, trp mpeg2 HDTV, wmv HDTV and mkv, mka, mks formats HDTV. Its advanced video and audio technologies deliver the highest quality viewing and listening experience possible on the PC. FantasyDVD has a perfect DVD navigation system, rich audio and video effects, is stable and easy use, and can meet all the demands of DVD playing. Supports 2 - 7.1 channel audio output, dolby ProLogic, Dolby ProLogicII and SRS TruSurround XT audio output mode. Supports Low frequency effect (LFE), High frequency effect (HFE), 10 Band Equalizer, Echo\Delay etc.s expansion function.

FantasyDVD Support the following media types:
DVD Audio Files (*.ac3;*.dts;*.dtswav).
DVD Audio Object Files (*.aob).
DVD Video Object Files (*.vob).
GZ-MC Music Files (*.mod;*.mdz;*.stm;*.stz;*.s3m;*.s3z;*.it;*.itz;*.xm;*.xmz;*.mtm).
MPEG Video Files (*.mpg;*.mpeg;*.mpe).
RealOne Media Files (*.ra;*.rpm;*.rm;*.rmvb;*.ram;*.rpx;*.rt;*.rp;*.smi;*.smil).
MPEG1 Audio Files (*.mp1;*.mp2;*.mp3;*.mpa).
MPEG1 Video Files (*.m1v).
MPEG2 Video Files (*.m2p;*.m2v).
MPEG2 HDTV Files (*.ts;*.tp;*.trp).
MPEG4 Video Files (*.mp4;*.div;*.divx;*.avi).
Windows Media Files (*.wm;*.wma;*.wmv).
MIDI Music Files (*.midi;*.mid;*.rmi;*.kar).
Waveform Audio Files (*.wav).
OGG Audio File (*.ogg;*.ogm).
AU Media Files (*.au;*.snd).
AIFF Media Files (*.aif;*.aifc;*.aiff).
FLAC Audio Files (*.flac).
Matrosky Files (*.mkv;*.mka;*.mks).
Monkeys Audio Files (*.ape;*.apl;*.mac).
VideoCD Files (*.dat).
Picture Files (*.bmp;*.jpg;*.gif).

Features and Improved of include:
- Add MPEG2 HDTV Files (*.ts;*.tp;*.trp) Supports.
- Add Microsoft HDTV Files (*.wmv) Supports (need the windows media player 9.0 or Higher).
- Add Matrosky HDTV Files (*.mkv;*.mka;*.mks) Supports.
- Supports 2 - 7.1 channel sound cards and output on up to 7.1 discrete audio channels.
- Supports Surround/ProLogic, Dolby ProLogicII Audio Mode, Certified Dolby Virtual Speaker technology allows you to experience virtual surround sound through 2 speakers.
- Supports TruSurroundXT™ Headphone, based on SRS TruSurroundXT technology, provides an optimized headphone environment. It features TruSurround, Dialog Clarity Enhancement, and TruBass technologies that bring virtual surround and virtual bass experiences to your headphones.
- Special 10 Band Equalizer for DVD playback.
- Supports True Bass \ Treble Enhancer.
- Supports Karaoke features.
- Supports Dynamic Skins.
- Add Mouse Wheel and keyboard control.
- Fixed problem in exterior subtitle, supports unicode.
- Improved shortcut function, Better keyboard operation.
- Improved audio system, supports virtual space effect and virtual environment effect.
- Add X264 format Support.
- Optimized and improved operation of user interface.
Add the user define video aspect ratio features.

FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.9.7 Build 522

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FantasyDVD Player Platinum 9.9.7 Build 522 Portable

Download links :


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