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EximiousSoft Logo Designer 3.00 + Portable
8:08 PM

EximiousSoft Logo Designer 3.00 + Portable | 8 MB + 8 MB

EximiousSoft Logo Designer is the most powerful and easy to use software for logo maker, logo creation. With which, you can create any type graphics for your websites. It provides fully vector-based drawing tools with many pre-drawn library objects. Just click the pre-defined shapes from the toolbar and which are placed on your design. Drawing couldn't be easier!

EximiousSoft Logo Designer can also be used to customize high quality professional-looking business graphics such as such as business cards, letterheads, posters and other business stationery etc.. You can get access to a huge bank of well designed symbols to which you can apply a range of special gradients and effects. All objects and templates in this logo maker caters to a variety of businesses in most any industry, such as Technology, Finances, Healthcare, General Business and Retail, Education and Training, Travel and Tourism, Organizations, Sports and Fitness, Food and Beverage etc.. You can export logos to image files or print them from your own printer with high resolution.

* High quality Logo templates: Provide 50+ pre- designed templates. Just choose a logo layout you like from the collection of pre-build templates, edit the elements of the logo, add your business name and slogan. And finally, apply some styling. That is your own impressive logo.
* Powerful vector-based drawing tools: You can create any shape graphics as you desired with these tools. Move, delete or add even convert anchors for a shape with simple clicks or drag.That's really simple.
* Output in more popular image formats : Supports your logos export to JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF files (For JPG or GIF file, the background of images can be set to be transparent). Also supports to print logo from your own printer with high resolution.
* Layer Editing: Works like a great image editor program that supports strongly layer-editing. With the Layers feature you can control the position of various objects in your logo, you can place a more important object over the other and create different effects.
* Drawing Shapes With High Quality: Shapes or texts can be filled or stroken with solid color, gradient style or images high smoothly.anyone, regardless of creative ability, can blend shapes and text into an impressive logo in a few clicks.
* Stroke With Dash Style: Any shape objects even texts can be stroken with more pre-designed dash style.
* Bulit in 2000+ Symbols and Gradient Styles: Includes lots of high-quality shapes, signs, symbols, graphics etc. .You can apply a range of special gradients and other effects for which.
* Edit Visually: To create, move, resize or rotate shapes or texts only with drag or click. Making a great logo becomes really easy with Logo Deisnger.
* Supports alpha blend completely. Each shape or text object is allowed to include an alpha channel. Any object can be filled or storken with different transparency degree.
* Drop Shadow Enabled. Gives you the option to add shadows with customized settings to shapes or texts on your logo.
* Easy To Use: The program is intuitive enough to figure out what it does without the need to read user manual. Just start choosing logo templates, do some click or drag for modification. After half an hour you may find yourself with a logo that makes you look like a logo design star!
* Customize Any Shape: Just to create any shape with Custom Shape Tool. Supports to insert your own photograph to your logo.
* Good Interface: The Logo Designer program interface is extremely user-friendly and allows you to use various features to create a great logo in minutes.
* Undo & Redo: Undo or redo anytime anywhere.


EximiousSoft Logo Designer 3.00

Download links :


EximiousSoft Logo Designer 3.00 Portable

Download links :


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Фундаментные (анкерные) болты - элементы строительной конструкции,
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Обеспечивают надёжное крепление только к прочным, нехрупким и неэластичным основаниям.
Анкерные болты используются в виде закладных деталей в железобетонных основаниях
для дальнейшего крепления на фундаменте металлоконструкций и оборудования.

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