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Ashampoo UnInstaller 4.30 Final + Portable
1:36 PM

Ashampoo UnInstaller 4.30 Final + Portable | 15 MB + 15 MB

Windows is famous for getting more sluggish the more you use it. One reason for this is that many programs leave your computer full of digital garbage when you remove them. Every time you try out a new program and then uninstall it your system gets more and more clogged up with redundant program components that just get in the way and slow things down. Ashampoo Uninstaller 4 completely eliminates this problem. It lets you test software with confidence because you can be sure that no trace of programs you remove are left anywhere on your system. It does this by comparing compact "Before" and "After" snapshots that identify exactly where all program components and settings are located. Uninstalling is completely safe, with automatic backups and a special Reinstaller for quickly reinstalling programs with all their settings.

In addition to uninstalling, you can also use UnInstaller's comprehensive "Before and After" comparisons to monitor and identify the secret activities of any program - for example hidden files and Registry keys. Just take a snapshot, run the application that you want to monitor and then take another snapshot. UnInstaller then compares the snapshots and shows you all the changes the program has made anywhere on your system. Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 is actually a complete Windows maintenance package with over a dozen powerful tools. It comes with an advanced hard disk defragmenter, a file wiper, a file undeleter, an Internet cleaner, a Windows Registry cleaner, a Windows system restore point manager, file and folder backup and much more. See further below for a full list.


* Automatic and manual monitoring of program installation
* Monitor secret program activities
* Remove all traces of programs from your system
* Interactive tool for removing programs for which you don't have Ashampoo UnInstaller installation logs
* Reinstaller - reinstall programs with all your settings
* Drag & Drop uninstaller
* Advanced hard disk defragmenter with automatic defragmentation
* Windows Registry cleanup tool
* Internet cleanup tool, delete all surfing traces
* Undelete tool, restore accidentally deleted files
* File wiper for secure deletion of files
* Find/delete duplicate files tool
* Find/delete temporary files tool
* Find/delete empty folders tool
* Start Menu cleanup tool
* Manage Windows services tool
* Manage Internet Explorer extensions tool
* File and folder backup and restore utility
* Font management tool, delete unnecessary fonts

New features and improvements:

* Improved uninstaller
* New Undeleter and File Wiper
* Improved Hard Disk Defragmenter
* Improved Internet Cleaner
* New graphical user interface


Ashampoo UnInstaller 4.30 Final

Download link :

Use Premium for Unlimited download speed


Ashampoo UnInstaller 4.30 Final Portable

Download link :

Use Premium for Unlimited download speed


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