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Adobe Production CS4 4.2.0 Portable
9:35 AM

A remarkable collection of portable-version of the latest products from Adobe that includes: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Adobe After Effects CS4, Adobe Bridge CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4 and others. Positioned as a complete replacement of desktop versions but with the advantages of portability and great convenience in management.

The structure of the assembly consists of the following programs:

• Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Final
• Adobe Illustrator CS4 - 14.0
• Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 - 4.2.0
• Adobe After Effects CS4 -
• Adobe Bridge CS4 -
• Adobe Extend Script Toolkit CS4 -
• Adobe Extension Manager CS4 -
• Adobe Media Encoder CS4 -
• Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit
• Mocha for After Effects CS4 -
• QuickTime Picture Viewer - 7.65.518.40
• QuickTime Player -

Brief description of the programs Adobe:
• Photoshop - GNU Image Manipulation
• Illustrator - vector editor
• Premiere - video editor, video editing, gluing, mixing, etc.
• After Effects - special effects for video, editing video sequence, merging, overlay, etc.
• Media Encoder - program for video encoding.
• ExtendScript Toolkit - environment for the development of scripts for Adobe family of programs
• Bridge - smotrelka media files by type AcdSee
• Mocha (read as moka) - a program to create the effect of binding a single video stream to another on the markers (for example - to add text to a moving object).
• Pixel Bender - program for creating / c rendering video effects using GPU shaders.

Main features:
• Compiling immediately ready for use, including to completely "naked" computer, includes everything needed for quick start - codecs, quicktime, pdf, AviSynth, MPC media player, etc.
• Fully portable, works on WinXP 32-64, Vista 32-64, Win7 32-64
• Do not litter in the registry, system folders. All information is kept strictly in the folder with the program, except for cache
• All caches can be conveniently configured through a special ini, choosing between the decision to keep caches in the program folder or anywhere else.
• The settings of all programs do not depend on the sandbox. Thus, for example, you can reset the configuration files of one of the programs (namely, that in some cases, she recommends Adobe), without fear of damaging the work of other programs. For this reason, you can easily "reset" the program, simply delete the folder «data» and all the settings while also persist.

To install, just unzip it to any folder. All necessary folders will be created when you first start.

Year: 2010
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Developer: Adobe
Language: English / Russian
Tablet: Not required
Size: 543 MB

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