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Main page » 2009 » June » 30 » Classic British Motor Racing Portable

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Classic British Motor Racing Portable
1:29 PM

Why do you hate us? We just wanna have a little fun with our Wii and here you are churning out disgrace after disgrace and calling them "games."
Classic British Motor Racing is another in a long line of terrible offerings from the company, along with classics like Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing (2.0), London Taxi: Rush Hour (1.0), and Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom (2.9). The developer licensed 13 vintage cars from BMW and MG Rover. I'm going to assume that's where all the budget went and there just wasn't any money left over to make a game.

This is probably the most boring racing game I've ever played. The basic concept of cars racing to a finish line is here, but there isn't a single bell or whistle. The cars don't take any damage, the scenery is dull, and there aren't even any collision sound effects. All of the graphics are jaggy and blocky. Wins will unlock new cars and tracks, but that's not much of a reward for trudging through the game. There is one licensed pop song that plays during every race.

Each car is accurately recreated under licence and feature the real handling characteristics of the vehicles.

• 13 classic cars to choose from including; Austin Mini Cooper, MGB, Triumph TR6, Austin Healey 3000 and the Triumph Spitfire.

• Race through 6 different courses across the British Isles, featuring the heart stopping thrills of the traditional ‘Westminster Run’ around the streets of London.

• Excel and you’ll be able to unlock 3 action packed game modes including Time Trial and Grand Prix.

• Try and beat the track records or race against friends in the insanely addictive multiplayer mode.

Race / PC (Portable) / 2007 / English / Size: 154 MB

Download part 1

Download part 2


Mirror part 1

Mirror part 2


Mirror part 1

Mirror part 2

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