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Main page » 2009 » April » 3 » Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.2.1023.0 (Portable)

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Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.2.1023.0 (Portable)
11:37 AM

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema application is a Media Player Classic mod design for Home Cinema usage.

Media Player Classic is a Audio/DVD/Blu-ray player that looks like WMP 6.x, but it is much more lightweight. Also this program does not need to be installed. It can play QuickTime and Real Player file (must have QuickTime and/or Real Player installed to do so). MPC will play almost any format from MP3?s to Blu-Ray DVD?s.


* Anti tearing option (mode " Direct3D fullscreen ")
* Jitter tests
* Subtiles synchronisation
* Shuttle PN31 remote control support
* OSD (On Screen Display)
* Support for EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer)
* Support for Vista 64 bits (Alpha version)

What's New:

* NEW: support Multi-Monitor configuration, select Monitor for full-screen playback
* NEW: creation of minidump when mpc crash
* NEW: Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese translations
* NEW: Pixel shader to convert BT601 -> BT701 (request #1911511)
* NEW: YV12 Chroma Upsampling pixel shader added
* NEW: Recursively adding directories to the Playlist (feature request #2013805), add as New Menu item
* NEW: Support for M2TS presentation graphics streams (only for EVR Custom and VMR9 Renderless)
* NEW: Command lines "/startpos hh:mm:ss.ff", "/dvdpos title#chapter" and "/dvdpos title#hh:mm:ss.ff" to start playback to position
* NEW: Differents icons for each format associated with mpc
* NEW: Differents icons for each format associated with mpc
* NEW: support H264 and AAC in FLV splitter
* CHANGED: Add VIRTKEY for "Save Thumbnails" (request #1964399)
* CHANGED: Store the settings for the internal DXVA/FFmpeg decoders in a different value than the other internal decoders. This makes the settings better interchangeable with old MPC builds. Also gives more room in the bitvector for adding more (FFmpeg based) decoders in the future.
* CHANGED: PAR correction option (for anamorphic video)in VSFilter and RealText support
* CHANGED: liba52 & libdts library updated
* CHANGED: x64 edition of MPCVideodec is now build using GCC/MingW64 (improve performances)
* CHANGED: Gui option for Explorer Context menu->Files(see Formats Page)
* CHANGED: Gui option for Explorer Context menu->Directory(see Formats Page)
* CHANGED: Open directory(shell context menu or MPC-HC menu) - load only enqueue audio/video files, those with file extensions from the Formats page in MPC options ...

Size : 11.3 MB




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