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Portable Wi-Fi Defense 1.0.21
10:29 PM
Wireless networking, or Wi-Fi is expanding. Notebooks are coming with wireless connections build-in. Families are buying more than one computer and using wireless routers for networking. According to one survey 52% of households with computers are using wireless to link them. Mostly because it is easier than trying to run Ethernet wire through the walls and ceiling. For me it is fear of my wife catching me drill holes in the wall. Yet surveys have shown over half of the people do not bother setting up any security setting for it.

Is your home Wi-Fi signal offering neighbors free access to your network, allowing them to assume your identity for their own purpose? Wi-Fi Defense is a tool for your home wireless network.

Detect intruders, kick them off, and prevent future intrusions.

Wi-Fi Defense talks to your router or access point and configures your security settings to lock down your wireless network


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License for Program Has Expired, will Not Activate anymore. Too Bad, Looks Like Good Software too. Thank You sad

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