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Main page » 2008 » November » 18 » Portable Desktop Takeover 1.0 Beta Build 104

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Portable Desktop Takeover 1.0 Beta Build 104
12:09 PM

The easiest way to add pictures to your desktop wallpaper

The Desktop Takeover software is by far the easiest way to add pictures to your desktop wallpaper with by simply dragging photos onto your desktop wallpaper. When you run the software for the first time you should see a minimized version of your current desktop wallpaper in the application's window - without the icons. Add pictures to your wallpaper simply by dragging them onto the application window space and pressing Apply

Here are some key features of "Desktop Takeover":

· Add pain photos on your desktop wallpaper.
· It's as easy as dragging and dropping picture files or entire folders containing pictures. No more lengthy editing of image files. Rotate backgrounds, pictures, and more

· Multiple monitor support
· Finally a great reason to add a second monitor. The software supports system with multiple monitors. Each monitor can have its own independent wallpaper layout, with it own theme, pictures, webcams, and photo albums.

· Photo albums
· Set the time delay and enjoy a desktop that's always showing something new. If an album is updated with new photos they will automatically be shown on your wallpaper. A great way to keep in touch..

· Sharing wallpapers
· This is a great new way to keep in touch and this software makes it very easy. Every time you update your photo albums with new pictures, everyone will be updated as well.

· Webcam support
· A great way to see what is going on around the world - in real-time (!) Watch beautiful sunset in Vancouver, while the sun is rising over beaches in Belgium. See whats going on in th streets of New York City or in London.

· Time saving DesktopClick feature
Do you need to quicky move or resize a picture showing on your desktop? No need to launch the software:
· press and hold the mouse button over the image (on the desktop) - a picture's frame will popup
· move and resize the window
· press "move picture" on the frame

· Downloadable themes
· Create your own wallpapers for your personal use or choose from the collection shared by others on this site. Each downloaded wallpaper can be modified to suit your individual needs

Size: 5,16 MB



Download US RU





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2 Satch  
I'm relaly into it, thanks for this great stuff!

1 Churito  
biggrin Seems to be a nice app. downloading to try. Thanks 4 your post. Regards

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